Deco Drive Segment – 2019

Glammed up beach waves and pops of color are among this spring’s hair and makeup trends.

Swimwear isn’t the only thing making a splash right now. You’ve got new hair and makeup trends to check out! Goodbye winter, hellooooo spring!

Mother Nature may be turning up the heat, but Justair Blowdry Bar in Fort Lauderdale has some sizzling hot, new hair trends to keep you looking cool.

Brooke Gettler, co-owner: “One of the biggest trends for spring is braids. Whether you have short hair or long hair, it’s a great way of styling your hair with the heat and humidity.”

Need a little more oomph? Go with a blowout.

Big hair? We definitely care!

For the girl on the go, fun beach waves are always hot for spring, and this year, they’ve got an extra sparkle.

Brooke Gettler: “A way that we’re seeing it glammed up is by adding this blinged out accessory, so headbands are hot, bobby pins placement, and more is more, girls.”

Caitlin Saucier, customer: “I felt like I breezed in and breezed out and have an amazing hair look that I know not everyone in Fort Lauderdale is gonna have.”

Now that you’ve got the perfect ‘do, it’s makeup time!

The Beauty For Real studio in Miami knows how to find the perfect mix between classic and trendy.

Leslie Munsell, founder: “We’re starting to see a lot of playfulness and pops of color on the eyes, so you can play with the shapes a little bit. You can mix different colors.”

Wanna take it to the next level? Add a little color to your brows.

Kendall Jenner did it on the cover of Allure magazine, and she definitely knows what’s up.

Not feeling blue? No problem!

The gold, sun-kissed look is here to stay. Dewy skin is in!

And as far as lips go…

Leslie Munsell: “For a few years now, we’ve been seeing a lot of matte, and gloss is back with a vengeance. Sometimes, you’ll see them with a lot of shimmer in them. They’re really like a lip topper, but also, you can wear them over any lip color just to give it that shine and that pop of shimmer.”

But ladies, never fear — a classic red lip and cat eye never go out of style.

Martha Dominguez, customer: “I feel put together. I feel great. I feel ready to take on the world.”

Stephanie Rodriguez: “I do love bright colors, and I think it’s super wearable going out with girlfriends or just out for a fun night with your husband or boyfriend or whoever.”

May 15, 2019 9:52 am

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