How To Keep Your Blowout Overnight

Hey Girl Hey!

Finally! An answer to the age old question: How do I keep my blowout overnight?

Well, Just Girls, its simple.

Flip your head upside and gather you hair into a high ponytail. Loosely wind your ponytail into a topknot.


Pay some attention to your ends! You want to comb your fingers through the last inch or two to ensure your style stays smooth overnight.


Secure with LITERALLY ANYTHING. Bobby pins? Great! Claw clip? Sure! Old school scrunch? If you must. Anything will do the trick!


In the morning you should be able to undo your top knot post shower and be ready to take on the day.



PSST! Tip of the Trade: this works best with Floating on Air, Just Waves, and Just Curls.

July 8, 2016 1:37 pm

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